Ahmed Saikat

“Blooded Arakan : Endangered Roaingya “ by Historian , folklore researcher and a prominent journalist from Cox’s bazar Mohammad Nurul Islam is a well-written , historically well-documented , worth reading and worth keeping rhetoric for the researchers , writers , scholars and most importantly for the common people who want to get to the reality on the ground regarding the genocide in Myanmar. This book was first published on February 2018 and has been a key interest for people of all kind. It has radically changed some of the myths, ‘facts’ from a participant observant’ perspective. He has been worked for the Reuters and a number of other news agency which have covered the crimes perpetrated by the Tadmadw (Myanmar army ) and all other armed groups against the Rohingyas . He has used the word “Roaingyas” through which these people refer themselves in their expressions. This being authored after the latest influx on the 25th August tried to put the Myanmar leadership under the guillotine. He has been successful in this regard. This piece of work deserves standing ovation as he has collected and discussed all the rare documents since 1947 and to some extent prior to that. He has brought about socio-economic, politico-religious and most importantly ethnic fault lines in accordance with the needs of the clear understanding of the manipulated history of the Myanmar mostly after 1962 and 1982. Many say Rohingyas always took the wrong side of recorded sub-continent political history. It is no doubt that this can be a great reference text for everyone. Now, many believe and feel the importance of translating this into English for the global audiences.

The article writer is going to publish “UNHCR in Rohingya crisis: Finding a common ground with Bangladesh”, he can be reached at [email protected] .

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